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Namibia’s National Carrier, Air Namibia, has regular direct flights from Frankfurt to Windhoek International Airport (Hosea Kutako), which is 6 hours from Keibeb Safaris Main Lodge. Air Namibia got two daily flights from Johannesburg to Windhoek International.

South African Airways offer daily service from New York (JFK) and Washington (Dulles) to Johannesburg (OR Tambo). South African Airways got 2 daily flights from Johannesburg to Windhoek International.

Delta Airlines offer daily flights out of Atlanta, GA to Johannesburg.

Namibian law requires that your passport be valid for a period of at least 6 months from the date of your arrival in Namibia. Citizens of the United States of America as well as E.U. member countries (except Greece) do not require VISAS to visit Namibia.

We do recommend taking out full insurance before travelling to Africa and make sure they are informed that you are travelling outside your country.

In advance before booking with your preferred Airlines, please confirm that the airlines involved is rifle friendly and will agree to transport your firearms and ammunition. (As some airlines do not except rifles and ammunition to be carried and transported with them.)

We always recommend booking in luggage and firearms straight through to Namibia, even when you have a layover in another country, on your way to Namibia for your hunt. Recent regulations and the world’s ‘anti-gun friendliness’ have made travelling with firearms a time-consuming and unpleasant process.

When staying over for a night in another country or city (e.g. Johannesburg, London, Frankfurt or Amsterdam) on your journey travelling to Namibia, please make sure to keep your checked luggage and firearm cases (locked) in transit on the airport, awaiting your next day departure.

At check-in from your point of departure, enquire on a colourful ‘in-transit tag’ for your checked-in luggage and firearms.

Please adhere to the following procedure to minimize problems when travelling:

  • All luggage and firearm cases must be clearly MARKED with NAMETAGS for easy identification.
  • Firearms must be packed unloaded in a sturdy, lockable and secure carry case.
  • Ammunition must be stored separate from your firearm in a secure, lockable container in your checked luggage.

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